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MYO Sneer Contest Entry by AngelxSnap MYO Sneer Contest Entry by AngelxSnap

TRIGGER WARNING: The following description includes suicide, pregnancy loss, and other dark tones that may be disturbing to some viewers. Please exercise caution when reading this.

(PS This turned out a little longer than expected soooo sorry not sorry?)


Theme: Pregnancy Loss

Name: Desire

Nickname(s): N/A

Age:  63 (Physically 26)

D.O.B: October 15th, 1953

Race/Species: Sneer (A closed species by hoz-boz)

Gender: Female (Common)

Hair Color: Green

Hair Length: Long (Past shoulder blades)

Hair Style: Curled

Hair Other: Liquid (Uncommon)

Eye Color: Orange

Eye Other:  N/A

Skin Tone: Pale Blue-Grey (Common)

Blood Color: Green (Common)

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 123 lbs

Clothing: Desire is almost always found in a dress, dark in color and long in length. On the very rare occasion that she isn't wearing a dress, you would find her in a long skirt with a matching blouse. Her clothing tastes lean towards the era she was born in, the 1950s. She always has a small accessory in her hair, usually bows but she does have an opal hair comb that she wears when she decides to wear her hair up.

Personality:  This sneer is attracted to hosts who are pregnant. She isn’t sure why but there is something special about these humans. The way a pregnant one’s abdomen grows, the way the human seems to glow. The happiness they feel. She just wants to be a part of that. Unfortunately, she is only able to link with the ones who are going through hard times. But she’s okay with this, she can make them better. She can make everything perfect.

Beautiful, maternal and compliant, the three things a woman should be; the components of perfection. One without the others is pointless. Desire’s old-fashioned way of thinking has made it difficult for her to find a host that can live up to her high standards. Yet, she continues her search with a firm belief that somewhere out there, she is going to find the one host who can show her why humans have this strange need to create smaller humans.

Once she does find a potential host, she begins to manipulate them into doing whatever she wants them to. Forcing them to spend hours correcting their posture, changing their mannerisms to reflect hers, even adjusting the way they speak. Altering bits and pieces of them until they fit her idea of perfection. She holds each host to a high standard that leaves absolutely no room for imperfections. Even the smallest messes are unacceptable, everything will be clean at all times. Meals will be ready at exactly 7am, 12pm, and 6pm, no excuses. There is no time for resting, everything has to be perfect! If it isn’t, the host risks her turning violent, both on them and herself. But, little does she know that all this stress is harmful for both the host and their child, which is a shame considering that she ends up destroying the very thing she is trying to study.

When it comes to interacting with other sneers, she tends to be very passive. Most of her species ignores her but there are some who would taunt or abuse her. When this happens, she would silently take it. However, if someone attempted to harm or bully Babydoll she would become very aggressive. It doesn’t matter to her if she would be hurt in the process, she would attack them until she is physically incapable of fighting. Though, she could be easily defeated.

Even though she is very protective of Babydoll she does occasionally do things to upset them, such as startling them while they are asleep or ignoring them until they start whining. She is comforted by their crying and feels reassured when they beg for her attention. It gives her a sense of significance.

Quirks/Ticks/Habits:  While Desire is incapable of speaking, she can hum which she does whenever there is silence. Usually it’s a slowed down version of a lullaby. If she see a child who is alone, she will stare at them until they are reunited with their parent. When she links with a host she has them constantly doing something, whether it being cleaning or cooking or pacing, ect.

Likes: Children (especially babies), the sound of laughter and crying, bleach, a clean environment, baking, decorating rooms, the smell of paint, rocking chairs, lullabies, old fashioned music boxes, pastel colors.

Dislikes: Silence, blood, the color yellow(darker shades of it), messes, feeling unappreciated.


October 15th, 1953

No one will ever know the excruciating pain that she felt. The way her throat burned as if it were on fire, her stomach heaving in violent protest. The fumes in the air so strong that her lungs sweltered as she struggled for air. The caustic substance blistered the skin around her mouth. It was truly captivating to watch as this beautiful woman writhed on the floor.

Better yet, nor will anyone know the sense of calm that washed over her moments before she finally left the world. Well, that’s not entirely true, there was one who had experienced Ms. Deborah’s final moments with her. She had felt everything, the physical pain, the emotional relief. It had been an experience unlike any other. The death of this so-called perfect woman had been something so beautiful, poetic even.

This woman, this beauty queen, had spent most of her adult life taking care of a man, always at his beck and call. She had reduced herself to a servant to ensure that she would always clean up her husband’s messes. Which she did, all the way to the end. In fact, she had used bleach to help erase the biggest mess he had left her, herself.

It made the sneer laugh, to think that this woman had tried so hard to be perfect and failed. But this laugh was bitter. She had been so close but something went wrong. What was it? What was the turning point? What was missing? She pondered that as she roamed the woman’s house, stopping at the closed doorway to the nursery. It was in here. Whatever was had to be...why else would she have shut the door, if not to hide it away from the world? This is what she needed to be perfect...

(To Be Continued)

Other: Desire is a fairly weak sneer, as is evident by her presentation of the stripes. Only her bow bares them and even then, they are faded and hard to see. While this may cause some sneers to try to take advantage of her weakness, most tend to pay her no mind. They see her as inferior and not worth a second glance, which is exactly what she wants since she prefers to left to her own devices. Desire has successfully linked with two women in her lifetime, both of which committed suicide within a few years of the link due to the sneer’s unrelenting need to create the picture-perfect host. She is currently an unlinked sneer.


 Theme:  Childhood Innocence

 Name: Babydoll

 Age Stage: Pup

 Height: 1 ft (Common) 

 Hair:  Blonde (Uncommon)

 Eyes: Three pairs of eyes. (Common) 

 Nose Piece: Flat nose piece. (Common)

 Wings: None (Common)

 Colors: Babydoll's color pallette is made up of several bright/pastel colors, their body consisting primarily of different shades of pink and blue. (Mutation)

 Clothing/Accessories: Four purple bows on each arm and leg, blue bow on tail, a cloth diaper, red hair tie.

This little inky is a playful, fun-loving baby who just wants to make his loved ones happy. They firmly believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, magic, just about any and all things that a child believes in. They enjoy being around children and can play pretend with them for hours on end.

When they find a playmate, they can become very protective of them. They will growl at anyone who even tries to make their friend cry and will even put themself in harm’s way to ensure that the ones they love won’t get hurt. In fact, whilst protecting a friend from a group of bullies, Babydoll sustained injuries that resulted in the cracks and missing porcelain in their face.

Obsession: Toys, toys, toys! Stuffed animals, marbles, blocks, puzzles, ones that light up and play music, anything they can get their hands on. Babydoll cannot get enough, their room is filled to the brim with all the toys they’ve acquired over the years. However, Babydoll does have favorite toy, a small, green and blue striped, plush dog. They just adore their little "Bay Bay", carrying it with them wherever they go.

Likes: Toys, pastel colors, ribbons, bows, soft blankets, mobiles, background noise(like the rattling of their tail as they walk), magic tricks, holidays, receiving gifts, Desire (They think of her as a mother and call her Mama).

Dislikes: Sudden noises(crashes, booms, anything that could startle them), arguments, bullies, violence.

History: Has there ever been a point in your childhood where you just felt completely alone? Maybe you had just moved far away from your hometown, you left behind all your friends and everything you knew. That’s how Erica felt when her parents decided to move halfway through the school year. Erica had been a fourth grader at the time. Her parents had assured that she would make new friends quickly and everything would be great. So, she trusted them and put on a brave face.

Her first day at school wasn’t so bad, her teacher had assigned a student to show her around campus and eat lunch with her. She liked the girl and had thought that they could be friends, but she had been mistaken. The next day the girl did her best to avoid her. When Erica finally got to ask her why, she was told that she was just too weird. It really made her think. Her old friends had never thought of her as weird, they always said she was a great friend.

Erica’s feelings had been hurt but she refused to dwell on it. There were plenty of other kids she could be friends with! And yet….a week went by without making any friends….then two….a month. It wasn’t like she wasn’t trying, she did her best to socialize with others but no one seemed interested in being her friend. She had never felt so isolated before. With no one to talk to she became depressed, no longer speaking up in class. She had stopped trying to make new friends. Why bother? No one was interested in making new friends. They all had their groups. It didn’t matter to them that there was one girl sitting alone during recess and lunch. Who cared?

Even though Erica was feeling so down, she could at least find solace when she sat by the chainlink fence that kept the students from wandering into the nearby field. If she was lucky she would spot a pair of rabbits chasing each other through the grass. In those brief moments of happiness she did her best to convince herself that it wasn’t so bad. She tried so hard for a year to make herself believe that time will help make things better. Until finally, she wanted to give up.

Her parents were always so busy, they never had time for her. She had no one to talk to. Her heart ached for someone to talk to but she just couldn’t wait anymore. Erica had decided that she was going to take her life that night. It was just a matter of how. She was contemplating various methods during lunch that beautiful day. If she cut her wrists there would be a mess to clean up afterwards. Unless she did it in the bath tub. The blood would still be there but it would be contained. Or maybe she could swallow as many pills as she could find and hope she would slip into a long slumber. One she wouldn’t ever wake up from. A sigh escaped her mouth, this was for the best.

She watched the overgrown grass sway from the wind as she decided that the pills was the way she wanted to go. She closed her eyes and smiled to herself until she heard a strange noise. It was faint but it sounded like a...rattle? Her eyes opened and caught sight of a strange pink and blue creature in the distance staring back at her. She jumped slightly and the creature dove back into the grass. She was confused, rubbing her eyes and looking back out at the fields. There it was again, closer this time. A light blue nose sticking out from it’s mess of blonde hair. It’s eyes were completely covered but she got the feeling that it was staring at her.

‘Maybe I’ve gone crazy.’ she thought, staring back at it. Whatever it was, there was no way it was real. It looked like a toy. It’s pink ears perked up and seemed to be searching for something. After a moment it raised its tail and waved it back and forth, the spherical end emitting the rattling noise she had heard earlier. Suddenly it moved towards her in a prancing manner. She watched as it came right up to the fence and stood up on it’s hind legs, standing at no more than a foot and a half. It grabbed ahold of the fence with its delicate hands, head cocking to the side with curiosity.

(To be continued)

Other:  Babydoll’s tail is a rattle (Rare) that they shake whenever they feel in need of comforting. They can speak only three words: “Mama”, “Bay Bay”, and “Stop”.

End Notes: I know this doesn’t say exactly how the two met and there are several cliffhangers but I will be posting more about these two later in the year. For now, I think this is a good start. Hopefully my writer's block will go away and I can keep writing later because I have so much planned just not sure how to write it out.
Thank you for reading!
Wild-Snapdragon Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
This is great!

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AngelxSnap Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017
Thank you love

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I read through that bio section
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AngelxSnap Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017
Thank you!
Sorry if i went overboard, i actually tried to shorten it a bit.
I just had too many ideas, story wise
Overall I'm quite happy with what I came up with c:
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